OKAS a Sanskrit name for home or a place where you feel peaceful inspired the idea to create a solution that makes you feel more connected to your home. While designing OKAS, we understood that home is an exceptional space for people with class or taste for exclusivity. Also, each member has their preferences and feeling of living. Keeping all this in mind we integrated Artificial Intelligence with User persona to create the world's first human-centric and user-driven home automation system with quintessential design features.

Eliteness with Elegance Shaping
your dream home

OKAS understands the need for exclusivity and elegance for the most personal space of your life - your home. Integrating the electronics of your this unique space with the most advanced technologies and quintessential touch in design, OKAS blends entertainment with comfort and convenience for the ultimate peace of mind wrapped in the warmth of home. Also, a protruding feature that OKAS smart controllers are that they could function either for a single room or could multiply the same for larger spaces.​

Quintessential Design

OKAS offers you a state-of-the-art human-centric design. During our design research, we discovered that home is very emotional as well as personal space for every member. Everyone has there own set of requirements and taste according to needs and wants. Living in a home should make them feel happy, safe and secure. Keeping all this in mind every single OKAS product is designed based on the human-centric approach to create emotional intelligence and user persona.
OKAS gives you the most engaging interface, with real-time updates, and real-time notifications. And we firmly believe:
“There’s no place like home."

Futuristic Technology

OKAS brings you the most futuristic and advanced technology in home automation. Artificial Intelligence when clubbed with personalization features which set you to feel the difference between a smart home and an OKAS Home. To add value to the user lifestyle OKAS integrates user preferences by discretely defining user persona through Artificial Intelligence.
Reliability and durability of hardware are very much assured as it is specially designed by ASUS, which is regarded as one of the fastest processors to process multiple commands. The superfast controller runs the operating system for your home, giving you the power to control and automate virtually any home function.​

Lifestyle that you really control - OKAS

OKAS integrates lighting, music, video, climate control, security, and more into one simple system—a system you can access and manage from anywhere in the world. You determine when, where and how things happen. You decide what actions and events take place. Because only you know what is best for your lifestyle.​

Artificial Intelligence System
Video on Demand
Multizone Music
Mood Control
Climate Control

The genius of the smart home

OKAS premium AI based home automation solutions make virtually everything work together, so your house is smarter, comfortable, safe, secure, and more inspiring than ever.​

World’s only USER centric integration system​.
World’s first integration system to adopt user based AI ​
Tailored experience, driven according to the user instead of device​
Combining CONTROL & CONTENT for a seamless experience​
The conceptual revolution
  • Home Theater - Simplify your audio, video, and home theater components with one remote control.
  • Multi-Room Music - Play music from almost any format, in any room, any time.
  • Lighting - Save energy and enjoy the perfect ambiance in every room.
  • Energy - Create a more comfortable home and a more efficient planet.
  • Interface - Enjoy control from anywhere-online or on your smartphone.
  • Security - Experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.​
Elegant solution
Simplify your life by bringing all of the technology in your home together into one complete.
Effortless Entertainment, Peace of Mind and Comfort and Convenience

smart home controllers are purpose built and priced to deliver automation power, performance, reliability and high-impact entertainment for your smart home-whether in a single room or expansive property

Entertainment + Smart Lighting + Comfort & Convenience + Safety & Security

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