customised experience

OKAS is the beginning of experiencing elite living spiked with enthusiasm.

OKAS is a Sanskrit name for home, a dwelling that is your divine abode, where you feel at peace. Your place of living gives you much more than security, it gives you a sense of belongingness. It is a space that delights your inner world and excites your outer persona.

Keeping that in mind, we designed OKAS for people just like you. Those, who want to live their lives to the fullest; who choose experience over compromise.

Our mission behind OKAS is to make your experiences of your living world apart, wholesome, and effortless.

And, because a home is meaningless if it is not for the people who live inside, we have designed OKAS in a way, where every member of the family feels wonderful and at maximum ease. Our smart user interface backed by Artificial Intelligence is capable of manifesting personalization all together to a different level.

The beauty of OKAS is that the product can be trimmed exactly as per your need. It can become as exclusive, and as distinctive as you want. We are here to evolve your statement living through our elegantly tailored OKAS solutions.

We start with integrating all the electronics of your house, which you can seamlessly control using one dynamic interface. An interface that is smart, sleek, and stylish. You can stay connected to your world at home from any and every part of the world outside. For that, you can choose an OKAS remote, a table-top touch screen, or even your iPhone or iPad can do the job as efficiently.

OKAS is a product that is designed to learn from user behaviour. Your experiences with everything entertainment in your space will enhance. Your home theatre will know the bass and the volume that clicks with your mood. Your screens will know the genres you love. In no time, OKAS will begin to echo your tastes and choices.

The Keywords that define us are connected, controlled, convenient, cosy and of course, human-centric.